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victims in a mass shooting was 47. that was at the university of texas back in 1966 were 16 people died. the deadly shooting in u.s. history, just five years ago and not far from here at virginia tech. 32 people were killed. >> the other big story we're following, we will continue to of continuing coverage of the movie theater shooting and have constant updates as new information becomes available on air and on our website at even find the latest pictures and videos. we will have live coverage starting at 5:00. another big story, the storm that crashed through last night. more on the way this afternoon as well as this evening. >> for the latest on that, let's turn to steve. >> more rain out there and mainly to the west of us right now. if you are in the district, arlington, alexandria, you might want to grab your umbrella before you head out the door. looking at heavier rain right now. we do have a flash flood watch the just went into effect. it is going to extend into the evening hours. travel plans if you're heading out toward atlanta, expects some delays. detroit, chicago i
. no word on a motive. least 13 people dead and tadmor heard after iraq in southern texas. the texas highway patrol said all 23 people were crammed into the bed of the cab of one pickup truck when it veered off the highway and crashed into some trees. border patrol agents are helping in the investigation. it's not clear if those in the truck were illegal immigrants. officials are not sure what started the accident. search is underway for a missing man in oxon hill. a silver alert has been issued for 73-year-old leander cooper, last seen dropping his wife off yesterday morning and washington hospital center in northwest d.c. he suffers from dementia and high blood pressure and was last seen driving a 2006 silver city trailblazer with maryland tags. there are new developments in the campaign scandal surrounding d.c. mayor vincent gray. there are reports that his campaign kept an authorized and possibly even illegal database of public housing residents for get-out-the-vote efforts. the washington post reports the database had names addresses and phone numbers of 6000 residents. the d.c. housing
tomorrow. after fund-raisers in texas last night, the president is well ming the is welco baylor bears to the white house. at first there was a book, then movie, now, an elaborate stage show. the cast ofoined by to train your dragon live spectacular." the u.s. government facing a over the decision to kill a u.s. citizen deemed to be terrorist. >> we have some possible minister andense killeder officials were in a suicide bombing. defense minister and two other officials were killed. brother in law was killed. the families of three u.s. killed in drawn strikes yemen have filed a wrongful lawsuit today with the american civil liberties union. top cia and u.s. military are violating their constitutional rights, they say. of government says that one killed have direct ties to terrorism. imagine your sitting in front computer plane some games when armed men burst in. keep an eye on the right side of your screen. you can see two men trying to rob an internet cafe. the 71-year-old pulls out his own gun and starts shooting. he chases them out the door. old were caught- a short time later. will
that reportedly heard a man from texas. >> and in his tv goes flying into the air -- and an suv goes flying into the air. this is not a stunt however. >> and a security alert for the fourth of july weekend. >> and >> we are following a developing story in iraq. 30 people have been killed in bombings all across the nation. the wave of attacks hit for several cities. the worst last is in the city 40 miles south of baghdad which killed 25 people in the credit market. >> law-enforcement in major cities across the country are increasing their guard for terrorist threats. >> as millions of american celebrity for the july tomorrow their eyes are focused on the fireworks burst overhead. local and state law-enforcement will be looking for any potential threat. it is likely will see a stronger security presence this year. >> there is always the concern during national holidays in the united states for the following reasons. it is symbolic to trim strips. and to launch an attack coming particular to be successful on that day, it would be big deal for them. >> former fbi agent brad garrett. >> law enfo
but because of the explosion is unknown. two people are dead in a car pileup in texas. many drivers were caught up in a dust storm-a which turned into a thunderstorm. firefighters had to pull to people from their cars. two others were taken to the hospital in critical condition. arlington leaders have now signed off on a plan to let streetcars to the columbia pike. it will cost more than two and $50 million. -- more than $250 million. >> traffic sharing the road with modern-style streakers. >> i always thought it was a good idea because are lean -- because arlington its unique. >> the arlington county board agree to move forward with an ambitious $250 million plan to bring streakers to the area. >> i think it is a really great. it would really add to the culture. county board agree to move forward with an ambitious>> for a person who doesn't drive, could be good. >> it still has an number of hoops to jump through. planners are hoping federal and state lawmakers camp but nearly -- can foot nearly half the bill. >> it is extremely expensive. >> another obstacle convincing some residents th
, you can see that players scurrying at the rangers/twins game in arlington texas. that storm caused a 45 minute delay. the rangers went on to win. both tracks of the green line reopened just in time for this morning's rush hour. the derailment in prince george's county is being blamed on the heat. it took all weekend to prepare the 1,000 foot section of damaged track near hyattsville. and a stretch near billy that buckled under the heat, crews worked overnight to repair the road. and we have seen people using umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. now you might need one to keep you dry. i think a lot of people have prayed for rain for these cooler temperatures. >> the ground is getting a little crunchy outside the area ones are a mixture of crack -- brown and green. right now not much in terms of rain. a little shower just south of denton, md.. even in shenandoah county, along interstate 81, just a few sprinkles. temperature-wide, in the district, 77. at leesburg for a change, it is noon and we are not talking about 90 degrees. 85-90 and partial sunshine. the vast majority of
of tax returns. the president headed to texas to raise more funds for his campaign, scheduled to appear in san antonio and austin this afternoon and into the evening. the first lady hit the campaign trail on friday in virginia. michelle obama scheduled to visit fredericksburg and charlottesville, two days after the president swung through the commonwealth. >> coming up, an investigation under way into a house sewing needles showed up in sandwiches on an international flight. >> star power onj the powerada testifying there was a hearing on capitol hill focusing on the tools to fight human trafficking over the next decade, like programs that help rehabilitate victim's. >> this was not only happening to children in africa, but children in every country including our own are being forced into slavery. >> an estimated 27 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. approximately 100,000 of those victims are in the united states. >> there are new questions about the safety of airline food after sewing needles were found in sandwiches on delta air lines flights. they were found
blamed for fires on both coasts and in texas. two men were killed at a soccer match after lightning hit the tree there were standing under. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off and in hit the top of the tree. it was like sparks and are going all the way down the tree. >> that same strike injured a third man. he is in stable condition at a houston hospital. a south carolina mother is speaking for the first time about her battle with a rare flesh eating bacteria. she had just given birth to twins when she noticed a spot on the back of for left leg. her first thought was it was a blood clot. it turned out to be a serious infection. acs undergone four surgeries to remove dead skin and dead tissue. >> i have received so much support. it's been overwhelming. i'm very grateful. even world wide i have gotten encouragement and support from people, i don't even know. >> doctors say that she could be headed home this week it for condition continues to improve. two women in north carolina and georgia are also battling the same infection. right now we are in the most contentious 48 hours so fa
from texas where everything is big, so she was expecting -- >> something big. >> what did you get? >> the 10 seconds. >> about 10 seconds of this. >> we saw three different really big, bright booms go off and we thought it was going to start. >> wow. coming up -- the days of lathering up with sunscreen can be -- could be in memory. what the ocean holds that [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, fresh-picked peaches are just 77 cents a pound. get a super low price on tide. $10.99 for 100 ounces. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> if you like to tan but hate lathering up with sunscreen researchers are working on a solution -- possibility of a sunscreen pill. scientists discovered coral has its own natural barrier to uv radiation. they want to take the chemicals and develop a p
is in the forecast from texas all the way to florida. and we could see more rain across the area today, but just who will get wet, who is going to stay dry -- steve wooton is here now to look at the forecast. >> things will stay dry through the afternoon and evening hours. look at these temperatures warming up nicely. 84 degrees at reagan national. 75 in westchester. orange reporting in at 82. indianapolis, back into the lower 90's. thunderstorms in florida and in miami is where the greatest delays are right now. relatively mild conditions across our area for the next glove days. but get ready for thunderstorms just in time for the weekend. >> news just in about a partial derailment of a green line train last week. metro officials have just confirmed a heat sink caused the tracks to buckle. dozens of passengers had to evacuate. no one was hurt. suzanne kennedy is at an -- a meeting with metro officials right now. they have agreed to new guidelines as to when to slow down trains in extreme heat. those guidelines are expected or tomorrow. rebuilding the railway train came off the tracks and exploded i
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10